Why Raw Hair Exchange?

Have you been searching for quality wigs?  Do you want 100% Virgin Hair? Do you want hair extensions that look like your own hair? Do you want less shedding and no tangling? Are you searching for a hair company you can trust? Then Raw Hair Exchange can solve all your problems!

We are an online Luxury Wig & Hair Extensions store located in Houston, TX. Our Raw Hair is available in Indonesian, Indian, and Burmese textures. Custom Wig constructions are our specialty service! My clients can bring their own hair extensions or purchase hair from me if needed! All of our wigs are machine-made and constructed to fit the measurements of the customer.

I can relate to the personal struggle of finding good-quality hair extensions to use for my protective styles. My hair is natural and I prefer to wear hair extensions. The hair I was purchasing from my local Beauty Supply would be sold at high prices, but be of lower quality! My hair would only last for about 2 weeks before it would begin to tangle or matte. I was spending on average $140 on my Beauty Supply hair every 2 weeks plus paying my stylist $80-$150 for the install services! In a year, I would spend over $3000 on just hair that was now in the trash! My money was wasted and that's when I decided to locate and source my own hair extensions.

If you have any questions, we'll be waiting on a Call, Text, Email, or Message from you!