Raw Hair FAQ

What kind of Raw hair extensions do you have in stock? Indonesian, Indian, and Burmese Curly

What is Raw Hair? Raw Hair is the most expensive, most purchased, and most valued hair in the hair market. The hair is a gift that keeps on giving over and over! Raw Hair is collected (cut) from one donor (person) and then wefted (sewn) into one bundle. The donor's hair is gathered into a ponytail and then cut. This ponytail will be turned into one bag or bundle of hair. The cuticles on this hair are still intact and aligned. This means that each strand of hair is facing the same direction. This uniformity of the hair strands prevents shedding and tangling. The hair is 100% unprocessed. Each hair donor has individual separate traits so no two bundles will ever look identical. The hair does have similarities in each bundle by appearance, giving the completed look a more natural finish. Virgin hair commonly comes in a defined pattern and all the bundles look the same. Your Raw Hair is authentic and unique and will not look that way. 

How long does Raw Hair last? The investment into Raw Hair can last you 5 years + depending on how you treat and care for your raw hair extensions. Proper maintenance is required to achieve the best results and experience with your Raw Hair. Please refer to our Hair Maintenance page for tips on how to care for your luxury hair strands.

How is Raw Hair Collected? Hair in other countries is usually donated for religious purposes or as a source of income. Women donate their hair to hair temples located in their countries. The donor's hair is ponytailed and cut at the base of the ponytail to ensure all the hair is going in the same direction to keep the cuticles aligned. The hair is then collected, washed, and machine-wefted. The hair comes in shades of black and dark brown. Raw Hair can be bleached, dyed, colored, straightened, and curled. Whatever can be done to your natural hair, can be done to Raw Hair extensions.

Why is one bundle so expensive? Raw hair is sold in the purest form of hair extensions and therefore offers you better quality hair for a higher price point. Raw Hair is not comparable to the cost of Virgin Hair. The prices of Raw Hair will always be top tier because it is top tier hair. A purchase into authentic Raw Hair is a hair investment. The lifespan of the hair extensions will be 4 years +. If you are unsure what texture to try out, we encourage all of our customers to purchase a sample order before fully investing in our product! Sample orders grant you the luxury of physically seeing and testing our hair before fully investing. 

How many ounces are in each bundle? Each bundle is 100 grams equal to 3.5 ounces. A longer length bundle of hair can appear smaller due to the weight being in the length, and not the width. The length adds weight. The longer the hair, the smaller the bundle. I recommend for hair 16 inches or shorter 2 bundles of hair minimum. For hair lengths longer than 16 inches, a minimum of at least 3 bundles of hair are needed. If you will be purchasing our hair for a sew-in install, consult with your stylist for the amount of hair you will need for your appointment. The amount of hair needed can vary based on the size of your head.

Can this hair be styled with heat and colored/bleached? Yes, this hair can be styled with heat styling tools. Please apply a heat protectant to your extensions before applying heat to protect the integrity of your hair. Yes, this hair can be colored and lifted to light blonde tones. Coloring your hair will require chemicals so you MUST deep condition and moisturize your hair. Please use a professional when coloring hair for the best results.