How To Measure Your Head

Please provide your measurements after placing your order by filling out the Wig Order Form.  Please have this information to us within 24 hours after placing your order. If your measurements are not received within 24 hours after placing your order, the wig will be constructed with standard sizing as a 22" circumference Medium Size.  Take your time with your head measurements! We want this wig to FIT FIT!  Book a Wig Consultation with us free of charge if you need our expert help! Raw Hair Exchange is not responsible for units not fitting properly due to the selection of an incorrect cap size at your time of order.  Please refer to our chart to check your options.

1) Circumference: Place the tape flat against your forehead at your hairline and wrap it around your head. The tape should rest behind your ears and also sit on the nape of your neck.

 2) Front to Nape: Place the tape measure about a 1/2 inch in front of your hairline and measure back to the nape of your neck going over the crown of your head.

 3) Ear to Ear across forehead: Place the tape just in front of your ear at your hairline at sideburns, and measure to your opposite side-burn bringing the tape across your front hairline.

 4) Ear to ear over the top of head: Place the tape at your hairline at the top of your ears and measure over the top of your head over to your opposite ear.

 5) Temple to Temple around the back of head: Place the tape measure at your hairline from your temple going around the back of your head to the opposite temple.

 6) Nape: Measure the width of your hairline across the nape of the neck.


Wig Cap Sizing Chart – She'z Royalty Collection