TOP 5 Reasons You Should Wear Hair Extensions


Are you considering purchasing hair extensions? Awesome! No need to look or read any further, you have come to the right place! Hair extensions are just the accessory you need to create some pizzazz in your day to day lifestyle. A head turning hairstyle is the founder of all THINGS good! Historically hair extensions also known as "weave" date back to the times of Egyptians! Men and women have both worn hair extensions for fashion, culture, beauty, and cosmetics and YOU my QUEEN/KING are no different! With the constant evolution of hair, the scope of hair extensions has created an easy and fun way to use this accessory. The days of a wiggy wig can be put behind you as we now embark on a journey of #FLEEK and #SLAY.

Here in this blog post we will deliver our expertise on why hair extensions ARE and will ALWAYS be a trending popularity. Extensions can be an easy way to add length and volume to your natural mane obviously-but Let's take a deeper look into the world's most used beauty product and the top 5 reasons you should invest into them!


To all my QUEENS & KINGS, your hair is your crown! I can totally understand why you would want full, thick, healthy locks to flaunt off. Not all of us  were born with Rapunzel's hair down our back-but with weave we can achieve! Attachment hair pieces are the easiest and quickest way to fulfill your desired hairstyle without having to alter the integrity of your own hair. Hair extensions allow you to accentuate your mane and conceal limp or thinning hair. Whether you select a sew-in (cornrow method), clip ins, or a custom made unit (wig) length and volume can be achieved instantly! Hair extensions are often presented as a viable solution to combat hair loss. Many people have pre-existing medical conditions, family genetics, and other underlying factors that stunt hair growth. Remember my QUEENS & KINGS, your LIGHT is NOT defined by your hair, but it never hurts to enhance what you already have!




Who wants to wear the same hairstyle over and over again? Now, if this works for you, wearing the same hairstyle over and over again, then versatility of your hair may not be a challenging factor for you. BUT IF IT IS...then viola! Hair extensions are for YOU! Transform your crown from a sassy edgy bob to sleek pressed lengthy locks! Feeling a little exotic? Then curls for the girls it is! Explore your hair character with an ever changing crown. One thing I think should also be noted when it comes down to the versatility of hair extensions is that not all times are hair extensions used for adding length. Hair pieces and hair extensions have also been popularly used to achieve short hairstyles! Yes, you heard me right! Some hair pieces are also constructed to create short tapered cuts without being detected. Imagine, never having to drastically cut your hair again to achieve a short hairstyle?! The hair possibilities are endless with hair extensions. Explore and experience your hair, have fun!





The consensus across the board from most hair forums/stylist who specialize in natural hair growth and care is that chemicals and color used excessively can and will cause damage to your hair. Chemical hair manipulation can be used to achieve straight, curly, or colored hair. These 3 requested services are popular in the beauty world! Hair extensions allow you to chemically process "your hair" without damaging "your hair"! QUEEN & KINGS, if you are a fan of experimenting with color, highlights or bleaching (process of lightening hair) , hair extensions give you the best of both worlds! Your human hair extensions can be dyed, colored, and chemically processed without harming a single strand of your natural crown. Get bold and make a statement with your next weave install color! Become a blonde, become a brunette, become a red head, become a unicorn!


Who doesn't like a product that can be used for more than one thing?! Extensions are so multi-dimensional! This hair enhancer also doubles back as a great option to use as a protective style. The purpose of a protective style is to achieve your desired hairstyle while also protecting and growing your natural hair. Healthy hair should always be your main focus, no matter if you use extensions or not. Exposure to certain weather and environment elements also play a role in the rapidness of hair growth. Don't let the elements of mother nature curb your hair growth! A big NO NO in hair care maintenance is the excessive use of heating and styling tools on your natural hair! I know my QUEENS/KINGS want that hair bone straight or those curls flowing into the natural breeze in slow motion, but don’t risk the health of your own hair to achieve that Hollywood moment. Cover and protect your crown by adding some extensions. :)


How much time are you willing to dedicate towards the #SLAY of your hair? What we want is the look of the salon but with the turnaround time frame of wake up and go! Extensions are great for my QUEENS/KINGS who don't want to spend hours on their hair everyday. Clip-ins can be installed generally between 10-25 minutes. A sew-in weave can last generally 30-45 days depending on the secureness of the application process. And my personal favorite, a custom hair unit, can be applied and laid within 10-25 minutes! 25 minutes of prep for 24 hours of #SLAY! YAAAASSSSSSS I'm here for it!


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